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Notorious SIRI

We need to end this ios vs Android rap rivalry before any more text-to-speech robots wind up dead. My warranty is up.

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Rebecca Minkoff, Spring 2012
Rebecca Minkoff is a handbag master. Chic and affordable, her bags are the answer to every girls accessory dreams, especially those like me with a student budget. This season we were treated to even more from the Minkoff world: clothes. This wasn’t the first time ready-to-wear has been a part of the brand, but it was definitely the strongest collection to date. Flowing pastel dresses, big brushed out hair, and of course killer accessories walked down the runway and made me swoon. If this is what a Minkoff girl looks like in the spring, I can’t wait to see what winter will bring this February. Even while it’s 29 degrees outside, those dresses are still on the top of my list. And so are a few more bags to add to my collection…so what, addiction shmashmiction! They’re just that good. 

ski in stripes.

color and stripes. #things we love
happy early birthday to me!!
my workout starts tomorow  now


-I can wear bright colors that don’t have to be “in season” at any time of year
-I can people watch secretly
-I drink tons of water without even trying
-I only crave healthy foods after a workout
-Results keep me coming back
-Going heavier keeps me coming back
-When else can I watch FOOD Network without becoming uncontrollably ravenous?
-I get to zone out to my fave music and forget my troubles
-I get supercharged
-I feel fearless
What are some reasons you love working out?
a girl can dream can’t she???

words to live by